Top trends in skirting boards to follow in 2019

Skirting boards are all the rage in home d├ęcor and home architect, and every homeowner plans on installing skirting boards to their houses in the long run. The beauty of skirting boards is indescribable, and they often add a cleaned up and contemporary look to your house. Given the fact that skirting boards have been known for several years now, they are often upgraded with time, and there are several trends that support the modernization of skirting boards. The trends in skirting boards change from time to time; however, the following are the top trends in skirting boards to follow in 2019:

1) Pastel colored skirting boards

Pastel colors are definitely synonymous with spring and summer colors, and they add a cooling tint to your house. However, if you are following a pastel-colored theme for your house then, it cannot get better than investing in pastel colored skirting board. It looks super trendy and modern, and it would help with adding a hint of colors to your house. If you are looking for trends in skirting boards to follow then, you should definitely go for pastel colored skirting boards.

2) Glossy or vinyl coated skirting boards

If you want to get complete value for the installation of skirting boards then, it cannot get any better than opting for glossy or vinyl coated skirting boards. The skirting boards are responsible for adding a sleek look to your house, and they would make a good addition to hospitals, offices, conference rooms, and houses.

3) Textured skirting boards

The addition of textured skirting boards can transform the outlook of your house significantly. Ask your local skirting board manufacturer to emboss texture to your skirting boards for reforming its look by a mile.